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The fast and fair language test

PTE Academic is a computer-based English test that offers international students and migrants the fastest, fairest and most flexible way of proving their English proficiency for immigration and student visas.

As an education or migration agent PTE Academic offers you a new and more efficient way of helping your clients achieve their goals.

Why PTE Academic is best for your clients

PTE Academic is designed to help students and migrants achieve their goals sooner:


Results typically delivered in five business days.


Over 200 locations worldwide with test sessions up to seven days a week, so you can choose a time and place that suits test takers.


The leading computer based English test, providing highly accurate and consistent scores, free of any potential bias.


To ensure test score validity all test centers use state-of-the-art digital biometrics incorporating palm-scanning, digital signatures, secure paperless results, randomized test formats and CCTV.

Who accepts PTE Academic?

PTE Academic is accepted by thousands of universities worldwide, including prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School, INSEAD and Yale. PTE Academic is also accepted for visa purposes by the Australian and New Zealand governments.