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The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) has been offered by the Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (formerly Association of International Education, Japan) since 1984 as a reliable means of evaluating and certifying the Japanese proficiency of non-native speakers. 

Like that of NAT, it also has the N1, N2, N3, N4 and N5 levels. The basic level is called N5 Level. As NAT has its test 6 times yearly but JLPT Test is held 2 times yearly. . 

The JLPT will be held worldwide to evaluate and certify proficiency in Japanese of non-native speakers. We make each test so easy and simple. Since we guide the students with extra care and with ample of tips for test, there is high volume of students who join with us and everyone get the success. Not only that we have managed the regular class, mock test, weekly test and many followed by career counselling so you will be able to achieve and grow your self-confidence before applying.

The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test, or JLPT, is a standardized criterion-referenced test to evaluate and certify Japanese language proficiency for non-native speakers, covering language knowledge, reading ability, and listening ability.